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Our accredited consultants will assist you in determining the best and most appropriate method for obtaining the education you deserve in Canada, Australia, USA, UK and Ireland! ECS International Education Services guides you step by step to ensure you get into the best Universities and colleges in Canada Australia, USA, UK and Ireland.

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  • We are Kenyan Canadians who were once immigrants like you. Our consultants migrated with their families twenty plus years ago to Canada and have since settled and become Canadian citizens. We will guide you to have a seamless transition to Canada and other countries like Australia, USA, UK and Ireland.
  • ECS Consultants are accredited and have vast firsthand knowledge and experience of Canadian Universities.
  • Most of ECS consultants are alumina of top Canadian Universities who will give advice on lived experience. We connect you with best Canadian Universities and colleges to pursue your dream career!
  • Canada is a vast country. ECS consultants live in different provinces of Canada which gives us advantage of understanding the culture and climate that best suits you.
  • We serve international students from all over the world seeking post-secondary education in Canada Australia, USA, UK and Ireland.